What's New

New from Allegany State Park
and the Finger Lakes

Allegany Sunbeams
Mama Bear
Dreamy Q Run
Pipe Dreams

New Fine Art Landscapes
from WNY, Letchworth & Allegany
Eternal Flame Falls
Snowy Letchworth Stairs
Autumn's Palette

New Work from all over New York State
Grand Canyon of the East
Morning Meadows
Middle Falls
Baxter Mtn Trail
Central Cascade
Autumn's Memorial
SuperMoon Rising

New WNY & ADK 'scapes
Rosy Winter Afternoon
Stormy Indian Pass

New Autumn Landscapes from the ADKs and Allegany

Placid in Fall Regalia
Quaker Blaze

New Scenic from the ADKs
Mirror Lake Morning
Frosty Teasels

Sunny Summer Silo
God's Country
February's Barn
Morning's Youth
The Couple
New Winter Landscape  
Late Dec on Murder Creek
New Additions to the "Western Scenics" Gallery
Purple Mountain Majesties
from El Tovar

Fresh Allegany State Park photos

Click on the images below for details:


Red House
Administration Building
October on Red House Brook
Cain Hollow Fog
Angler's Dream

New Letchworth State Park Fall Scenic
Wolf Creek Cascade


All New Finger Lakes Region Gallery

Click on the Rainbow Falls image
at the right to see some of the
spectacular scenery from
New York State's Finger Lakes area.

Hot New addition to the "Trees" Gallery
Foggy Red Sunrise

New Larger Sizes

Looking for a larger artpiece for over a fireplace or couch or as a central focal point of a room?
New 24"x36" sizes will provide a beautiful, impressive addition to your home or office.
Click on the images below for details.
Allegany's Fall Splendor
Misty Quaker Run
Red House Reflections of Autumn

Great News for Allegany State Park !

1. The Conservation Alliance accepted The Adirondack Mountain Club's (ADK) grant request to help Save Allegany State Park.

ADK used my Allegany's Fall Splendor photo (on the right) which was projected during the grant appeal presentation to illustrate the spectacular scenic beauty of Allegany State Park.

See the Conservation Alliance's site http://www.conservationalliance.com/grants
for more info

2. The state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation released it's draft Master Plan for Allegany State Park.

The plan designates the entire park as a Natural Heritage Area and a Bird Conservation Area. In addition, more than 80% of the park is designated as Park Preservation area, which must be managed as "forever wild".

The Park Preservation Area designations provide the best possible protection against oil and gas exploration in Allegany State Park.

For more info, see ADK's release at: http://www.adk.org/press/Allegany_SP_Master_Plan.aspx




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